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How Do You Control a Horse's Reins

How Do You To Ride a Horse (Reins),and how hints to horse keepers  a complete manual for horsemen And chapters on mules and ponies.
The beginner will use the reins of the snaffle only. He will take a rein in the grasp of each hand, the loose end passing under and held by the thumb, at a length that will give him command of the mouth of the horse.
How Do You Control a Horse's Reins
How Do You Control a Horse's Reins
In teaching the horse the changes of dii'ection, as is described in the Post "Hands and Legs" one hand will hold the curb, the reins divided by the Httle finger and grasped by the thumb ; while the snaffle-reins will be held above those of the curb, divided by the breadth of the other hand.
 There are various ways prescribed for holding the reins in riding the trained horses, but I prefer the following method:
In the left hand: the curb-reins divided by the little finger, the snafflereins divided by the middle finger, the ends of both sets carried up through the hand and secured by the thumb, which should be uppermost and pointed to the ears of the horse. By bending the wrist to the right so that the knuckles come uppermost, the head of the horse will be carried to the right and the change made in that direction.
By bending the wrist to the left, so that the finger-nails come uppermost, the horse will be turned to the left.
There should never be tension upon the two bits at the same time. The horse should be ridden upon the curb, the snaffle will be used to fix the height of his head, and, occasionally to take the place of the curb to freshen the mouth.
The right hand will be carried upon the loose ends of the reins to assist the left.